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Grand Duke of Lithuania

Butigeidis (Budikid; Belarusian: Будзікід; died 1290 or 1291) was Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1285 to 1290 or 1291. He assumed power after the death of Daumantas.[1] He is the first known and undisputed member of the Gediminids.[1]

He started his rule when the Livonian Order and the Teutonic Knights were finalizing their conquest of the Baltic tribes.[1] In 1289, leading about 8,000 troops, Butigeidis attacked Sambia.[1] In 1289 the Teutonic Knights built a castle in Tilsit and their raids intensified. Lithuanians were forced to abandon Kolainių Castle located on the other bank of the Neman River.[1] Butigeidis was the first to build strong castles along the Neman River.[1] The castle system was further developed after his death and helped to resist the raids until the second half of the 14th century.[1]

Butigeidis transferred Vawkavysk to Galicia-Volhynia in exchange for peace.[1] He died in 1290 or 1292, and his brother Butvydas (also known as Pukuveras) inherited the crown.[1]

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