Zhang Chu (singer)

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Zhang Chu
Born (1968-11-17) 17 November 1968 (age 55)
Liuyang, Hunan, China
OriginXi'an, Shaanxi, China
GenresAlternative Rock, Post-rock, Ambient, Folk, Electronic
Years active1988 - present

Zhang Chu (Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhāng Chǔ, born 17 November 1968) is a Chinese musician who was born in Liuyang, Hunan.


Zhang Chu's first single, "Sister", was released in 1992. That same year, he recorded a rock cover of the propaganda song "Socialism is Good", for his Red Rock album.[1]


  • 1992 Sister (姐姐) in China Fire I (中国火壹)
  • 1993 A Heart Cannot Fawn (一颗不肯媚俗的心)
  • 1994 "Shameful being Left Alone" (official title) AKA "Loners are disgraceful"(孤独的人是可耻的)
  • 1995 My Eyelashes Are Almost Blown Away By The Wind in A Tribute To Zhang Ju (zaijian 张炬)
  • 1996 Known (认识了) in China Fire II (中国火贰)
  • 1997 Aeroplane Factory (造飞机的工厂)
  • 1998 So Big (这么大) in China Fire III (中国火叁)

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